Your safety is important during work hours or personal time. Here are a few helpful tips for using safety horns.

Industrial Proper Use of Safety Horns
Feel safe while on the job. At a construction site, industrial environment or outside, these few quick tips may help you minimize injury:

  • Place in easily viewable areas of the building.
  • In areas of high potential emergency issues, make sure Safety Alarm Station is mounted in reach if when needed.
  • Proper use in areas with heavy noise may require longer blast or series of blasts.
  • Make sure signal is received by viewing employees in immediate and distant to horn blast.
  • Do not blast within 10 yards of human ears.

Personal Emergency Use of Safety Horns
Feel safe while jogging, shopping, biking or any time you need the reassurance knowing help is a signal blast away. Here are a few quick tips on proper use:

  • Use short quick bursts. If necessary, hold for longer use to deter an attack or to get help.
  • Keep in easy to reach bag, on belt or nearby when hiking, walking, biking or camping.